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The Gas Parameters Meter is designed to measure humidity (0 ÷ 100%), temperature (-50 ÷ 200 °C) and absolute gas pressure (500 ÷ 1500 hPa), including dusty gases, in the temperature range up to 200 °C. Starting with the MPG22 model, the meter also allows temperature measurement in the range from -20 to 600 °C, using a probe with a Pt100 thermoresistance sensor. Based on the dry gas density set by the user for standard conditions, the instrument calculates the degree of gas moisture, the density of wet gas in standard conditions and the measurement conditions. The computer program supplied with the device allows the user to easily set the required density for both pure air and other gas mixtures. Dry gas density can also be changed directly in the meter using the keys on the front panel. The meter is powered from built-in batteries or from an external power adapter. Fully charged batteries last for 10 hours of instrument operation.

Temperature and humidity measurement

The MPG22 meter uses a high-quality measuring probe to determine temperature and humidity, enabling measurements at temperatures up to 200 °C. The measuring system converting the signals from the temperature (PT100 1/3 DIN) and humidity sensors to digital form was placed inside the probe handle. Leading out of the measuring probe a linearized signal of the measured quantities in digital form allows for the replacement of the meter's probe without the need to calibrate the meter.

Temperature and humidity sensors placed at the end of the probe are protected against damage and dust by a replaceable cover. The standard casing is equipped with a mesh filter with holes of 20 ÷ 25 µm. If necessary, the user can replace the standard cover with a cover with a sintered steel filter with 5 µm holes or a Teflon filter with 10 µm holes.

Absolute pressure measurement

A piezoresistive sensor operating in a bridge system was used to measure the pressure. The sensor is placed inside the device. The pressure signal is fed to the meter through a connector located in the side wall of the housing. Each meter is calibrated and temperature compensated in the range of 0 ÷ 40 °C. The pressure sensor used guarantees accurate measurement and very good long-term stability of indications.


The device comes with software for computers running Windows10 and newer operating systems. The software allows you to set the device to the desired value of dry gas density under normal conditions. This value can be entered immediately by entering it in the dialog box presented below

or determine on the basis of the composition of the gas mixture.

The instrument communicates with the computer via the universal USB serial bus.

Technical data

Measuring ranges
Temperature 1, °C
-50 ÷ 200
Temperature 2, °C
-20 ÷ 600
Relative humidity, %
0 ÷ 100
Absolute pressure, hPa
500 ÷ 1500
Temperature 1, °C
Temperature 2, °C
Relative humidity, %
Absolute pressure, hPa
Extended uncertainty, 95%
Temperature 1, °C
± 0,5
Temperature 2, °C
± 0,3
Relative humidity, %
± 1,5
Absolute pressure, hPa
± 1,0
Power supply
Constant voltage, V
Supply current, mA
Dimensions (height x width x length), mm
82 x 150 x 45
Weight without external power supply, kg

Documentation and software